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Mommy Make Over


Raising a family is something that brings an unparalleled amount of joy into our lives and we spend so much time planning how to start our families. The entire process brings a variety of new experiences and challenges to our daily lives and also gives us the joy of seeing our family grow. From the actual pregnancy itself to breast feeding, sleepless nights, lack of personal time and fewer hours to exercise, mothers experience body changes and can feel frustrated they aren’t able to “snap back” to their previous body shape.

More and more women are discovering cosmetic surgery as a way to reclaim their youthful body before children. We offer a total “Mommy Makeover” which includes breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction to the thighs, hips and buttocks.

What Is Involved in the Procedure?

The procedures that are performed address those specific areas that are affected most during pregnancy and breast feeding, which include sagging breasts, flabby tummies, stretch marks and those lingering pockets of fat. Our first priority is to sit down with you and listen to your frustrations, desires and goals for your procedure. Your doctor will then work with you to build a surgery plan that meet your goals, whether you want to simply bring back your pre-pregnancy body or to additionally enhance any areas of your body. These might include:

  • Breast enhancement through lift or augmentation (or both)
  • Tummy tuck to narrow and flatten your stomach
  • Body contouring using liposuction to sculpt the hips, thighs and butt

When Is the Best Time?

It’s typical for women that have made the decision to stop having children to begin considering cosmetic surgery. Women have more power to choose when they begin their families, so these procedures are popular for women from their 20s up into their 40s. Once you have decided that your family is complete and no longer want to have additional children, you would schedule a consultation with one of our physicians to discuss the full range of procedures, your goals, desires, recovery times and much more. Our goal is to help educate you completely on the process before anything happens from there.

What Is the Typical Recovery Time?

Your recovery time depends greatly on your natural health and the required procedures to complete. Generally, we recommend at minimum of 10 to 14 days off of work to heal comfortably at home. Most of the procedures are out-patient and do not require any extended time in a hospital and take several hours. Most patients feel normal after between 2 and 3 weeks after their procedure. Our physicians will see you regularly for updates on your healing, answer any questions and to give you peace of mind as you progress to full health.