Breast Reduction Tucson, AZ

Excessive breast size can be known to cause issues such as back pain, difficulty exercising or sleeping, and just day-to-day discomfort. This effective procedure is designed to reduce the size of the beast to create a symmetrical shape and size that fits your body type perfectly!

There are a variety of reasons women choose to have breast reductions. In addition to providing a better and more natural contour to your body based on your natural size, in some we provide relief to women that experience physical discomfort due to their large breast size. Some women find that after children or losing a large amount of weight, their breasts are disproportionately larger than the rest of their bodies. In these cases, they find the size, shape and comfort they desire through breast reductions.

One myth that we work with our patients on is that bigger breasts are always better. Our philosophy has always been that each woman has a breast size, shape and contour that best fits her own unique body. We work with you to determine what your desired end results are and we offer our own insight and focus attention on what might be the best choice for your body type.

Physical Discomfort

In the event that we are performing a breast reduction to relieve strain on your body, we consider what approach will best balance the right breast size for your body and shape while providing the relief for your symptoms. In these

If you are experiencing some of the following:
We encourage you to contact us to see how we can help you relieve these areas of body stress. In many cases, women choose additional procedures at the same time to achieve a more balanced result. It’s not only size that’s important; it’s shape. If in addition to relief you are looking for

Our Process

As with all breast, face or body procedures, we work with you to completely understand what is involved that includes cost, involvement of procedures, recovery time and any potential complications. Our physicians are most concerned about helping our patients make the most educated decisions as much as they are about helping build self confidence. During your consultation, surgery process, recovery and after-procedure follow ups, our doctors are with you every step of the way to keep you informed, at ease and safe.