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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can get answers to many of your common questions about cosmetic surgery both before and after surgery.

Tummy Tucks

Is there a way to avoid a scar?

No, not with a tummy tuck. You have to trade a surgical incision for the excess fat, wrinkled skin, abdominal scars, stretch marks or belly button distortion to get the changes you want the most. You may require an incision that goes from hip to hip, but it’s usually an excellent trade for those who are appropriate candidates for abdominoplasty. Scars vary from person to person. Sometimes the design can be customized to keep it low or shape it to fit under a skimpy French cut and still hide the scar. It’s a good idea to bring the type of swimwear or undergarments you prefer so that your request can be kept in mind when the incision design is planned.

Breast Augmentation

Will I have a noticeable incision?
Visibility of scars is a concern for most patients. They are initially pink and over the course of six to twelve weeks the color fades and eventually becomes a pale light color which usually blends in with the adjacent skin. There are three incision sites available.

I saw someone at the pool that had a big space in between her breasts. How can someone with implants have that kind of cleavage or a lack of cleavage?

It’s important to realize that you can’t necessarily bring in a picture of the exact breast you would like. Your starting nipple position will determine the position of the final breast mound. If the nipple position is widely spaced towards the side of the chest wall, the implants must be placed under the nipple so that each breast mound looks appropriately positioned. In most cases, there would be a wider separation between the breasts because of such a starting nipple position. In most cases, however, an implant can be selected which is centered under the nipple and extends toward the cleavage area to create an aesthetically pleasing cleavage. We choose an implant diameter to try to create the best cleavage and the best outer silhouette. However, always remember you can only be a bigger version of your original starting place. You may be blessed or somewhat limited by your own starting anatomy.